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April 6, 2013
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UtAUMASTER: Reo Shinzoune (updated) by ChiChizu UtAUMASTER: Reo Shinzoune (updated) by ChiChizu
[EDIT2] A new voice sample was posted! Click here to listen: [link]

[EDIT] I got in! Reo's in Prefix Co, with Hachi Makune, Shou Kurone, Remu Sonone, Kai Kim, Delta Atto, Akari Haneon and many more!

Sorry if the colors look weird >M< I'm using my laptop, not my desktop to draw! And sorry if in the personality and bio I've been babling too much, I really dind't know what to say ><;

For :iconutaumaster:

Name: Reo Shinzōne
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"/ 168cm
Date of Birth: June 18
Rank: Normal
Voice Sample: [link] (VCV) [link] (CV)
Group: N/A
Company: Prefix Co.


Reo is a really energetic child. He is always troubling his sister and his sister-like friend. He is pretty lazy and can be hot-headed, he doesn't like doing any type of house work aside from cooking, which he is pretty good at. Reo loves to pull pranks and is nothing but a trouble maker. He can be very stubborn and hates being told what to do. He will only really listen to his sister and sometimes, if he finds them worthy, people of authority. His nanny taught Reo to be honest and sincere, but that good moral has a bad turn on him, because it always gets him in trouble. He's not good with bad situations, but he tries best to keep calm. Reo also has a very mature side, he mostly shows it in school. Reo has a very handsome appearance, therefore, he is very popular at school. Girls fall for him instantly, too. He has a charming, complimenting side to him, especially towards girls. Teachers have a love-hate relationship with him. Hate because he is trouble maker and talks back, and love because of his excellent performance in school and school activities. He is really dense when it comes to love. He really loves making people smile. He is a good friend, even if he can be a bit cold. You can't trigger his talking button, because if not, he will not stop talking. To his disadvantage, he is really slow to getting jokes, and people get really weirded out to that fact since he is naturally "funny". The truth is that he isn't funny, he's just a big airhead and a klutz. He lives his life by this: "People shouldn't hate you for being yourself, you are you."


Reo grew up in a very complicated household. His parents were always fighting and were always talking about divorce. He was raised by a nanny, and he loves her as much as a second mother. He has a twin sister called Mio. When he was 5, his parent's friends died in a terrible accident. His parents friend's daughter, Kami, moved in with them and ever since then Mio, Reo and Kami have always been together, creating the sibling relationship that they have. The closest with Kami was Reo. Kami is an extremely beautiful girl and she is always getting into problems with boys, and Reo is always the one to save her. Because of that, Reo has a romantic confusion with Kami.

When Reo was 6, his parents divorced, and caused even more tension on his family. He could only think that his real "family" (he considered a real "family" what is him, Mio and Kami) would end up alone. Reo's parents got really corrupted and would only think of money, especially his father, who ended up taking custody of the children. Reo's father was always getting on his nerves, scolding and hitting him for no reason. Reo would bear it if it was with him, but when his father tried to touch Mio or Kami, it would turn into the ugliest fight of all. When Reo turned 12, his father told him to get out of the house. His father was about to remarry and her fiance didn't like children. Shocked by the weird statement, Reo agreed to leave the house, since he thought that it would be best to protect his real family. They moved into a really expensive apartment that was an old property of his parents, that had been vacant for about 12 years. He has lived there since then with casual visits from his nanny.

By the time when Reo's parents were recently divorced, he was depressed, thinking that his parents didn't love him. His nanny got really worried and enrolled him in piano classes, while she gave him art classes. Reo fell in love with music and drawing. While Reo was in his art classes with his nanny, his nanny said some words that made Reo want to always be himself and get over his depression. "Reo, life is like a canvas. With this brush you can paint whatever you like in here, but it depends on what you paint that will determine what you get. Right here in this canvas, paint how you feel right now." And he did, resulting in his way of always painting what he felt. When Reo was painting, his nanny knew that he was keeping a secret from her, because he always painted when he had something that he dind't want to share with anyone else directly.

Because of his love of music, he has learned how to play the piano, violin, guitar and bass. He loves singing, even though he knows that he doesn't have the best voice ever. And recently, he has been auditioning in every place that is looking for singers, and he hopes that one will notice the potential that he knows he has!

:heart: Chocolate
:heart: Being pampered
:heart: All forms of arts
:heart: Summer
:heart: Red meats

:skull: Being hated
:skull: Annoying salesmen/saleswomen
:skull: Lying
:skull: Scary films
:skull: Being told to shut up

His favorite food is chocolate, and in Valentine's day, he will always accept the chocolate that girls give to him. He will always reply as "I can't answer your feelings, but I will take the chocolate"
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7mint-and-chocolate Apr 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
REEEOOOOO SDJSKFHA :iconholdfeelsplz: the personality the backstory everything wah dkdsjhafsadg <333
congrats on getting in chizuuu ;;u;;/
ChiChizu Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MIIINTTTTTT thank you so much!!;

thank you, I really appreciate it :icongawwplz:
7mint-and-chocolate Apr 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
youre welcomeee :iconureshiiplz: <33
CDefender-RoboKid Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cool! >w<

Really love the backstory you gave it to him, it's awesome! >w<

By the way, since both Reo and Mio are twins, which of the twins is the older twin? OuO
ChiChizu Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eeee~ thank you so much!!! >w<

I tried my best to make it interesting!

hmmm, well believe it or not, Reo's the youngest of them all! And first I thought of Reo being the older twin, but IDC LET'S MAKE IT EVEN MORE FUN AND HAVE HIM AS THE YOUNGEST OF ALL
CDefender-RoboKid Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, it's my pleasure ^______^

I know you did :iconladummypatplz:

That's awesome! OwO
His big sister, Mio now has to look after him >w<

I'm curious about Mio's personality would be like. OuO
ChiChizu Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, well she'd definitely be the moe type XD

Totally depending on protecition from Reo, but she never really notices how much of a bother her cuteness is lol
CDefender-RoboKid Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah. XD

The younger sibling looking after an older sibling, that's very interesting indeed. :iconilikeitplz:
ChiChizu May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CDefender-RoboKid May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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